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Vince: 856-366-7095
Jeanne: 856-366-7065
Thomas: 856-366-7085

Vince: 856-366-7095
Jeanne: 856-366-7065
Thomas: 856-366-7085

For Assistance Email:

Vince: info@appisales.com

Thomas: Thomas@appisales.com

Jeanne: jeanne@appisales.com

About Us


APPI is a FAMILY run, owned and operated Multi-Line Rep Group out of the Philadelphia area. 

We cover a territory East of the Mississippi River.

We represent 7 different A+ Rated, FIVE Star, and Family run/owned and operated Suppliers. 


What we do:

We attend:

Trade Shows, Breakfast/Lunch and Learns, Holiday Industry Events, and Office Appointments. 

We Pride ourselves with bringing different and unique products to the promo industry. 

 If you are looking for something different/unique, looking to expand your client base, need catalogs, or have any questions; please don't hesitate to reach out to us

Why Us?

-We have over 35 Years of Industry Experience.

-Are truly a one stop shop with our diverse Suppliers. 

-We represent only Five Star, A+ Rated, and Family owned/operated Suppliers.

-We offer product solutions/ideas for all your client's needs.


Terry Collection (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Website:  www.terrycollection.com 

 Phone: (800) 728-6935   

Customer Service: 


Sherri sherri@terrycollection.com 


PPAI: 144511  ASI: 90912  

SAGE: 63220   UPIC: TERRY 

FOB: Thomasville, GA   

Towels, Robes & Slippers, Bath Wraps, Blankets, & more!


Website: www.garyline.com

 Phone: (718) 860-7000 

Customer Service: 




PPAI: 112004        ASI: 55990       

SAGE: 51291         UPIC: GARYLINE     

FOB: Bronx, NY   

Water & Sport Bottles, Flyers, First Aid Kits, Clipboards, Ice Scrapers and more.

 Dixieland Emblematics (Horn Lake, MS)

Website:  www.dixielandemblematics.com 

Phone: 662-280-5433 

Customer Service:

Susan dixieln1@bellsouth.net                   

Sandra dixieln2@bellsouth.net 

PPAI: 179205                 ASI: 50123              

SAGE: 60854                  FOB: Horn Lake, MS

Lapel Pins, Embroidered & Woven Emblems, Medallions & Coins, & Key Tags.

Anico Promotions (Springfield, NJ)

Website:  www.anicopromotions.com 

Phone:  (973) 912-8588  

Customer Service:  Kim Marroquin anicopromotions@aol.com  


PPAI: 232517          ASI: 36230 

SAGE: 66148           UPIC: ANICO419

FOB: Springfield Township, NJ   

Stock & Custom Plush Products, Neck Pillows & Socks. 

Toddy Gear (Chicago, IL)

Website: www.toddypromo.com 

Phone: (312) 416-5070 

Customer Service: 


PPAI: 516677         ASI: 91411     

SAGE: 69113      


Edinburg, TX (Soft Goods)

Bolingbrook, IL (Hard Goods) 

Microfibers, The Wedge (mobile device stand), Cables, Power Banks, Pouches, Custom Packaging & more!  


VISSTUN (Las Vegas, NV)

Website: www.visstun.com 

Phone: 800-873-9133 ext: 236 

Customer Service: Laura Martinez 


PPAI: 339893      ASI: 93975 

SAGE: 68049      UPIC: VISSTUN 

FOB: Las Vegas, NV

Hi-Definition, Full Color Paper & Plastic (Cups & Containers).

                                                              DIGISPEC (Las Vegas, NV)

                                                          Website:  www.digispec.com  


                                                       Phone: 800-873-9133 ext: 236 

                                                   Customer Service: Laura Martinez 



                                                       PPAI: 180432         ASI: 49716 

                                                      SAGE: 62268          UPIC: DIGISPEC 

                                                                      FOB: Las Vegas, NV   

                   Mouse Pads in a broad selection of materials, sizes, and shapes. 

                                                          Over 350 Million Produced.


Website: www.doyoupop.com  

Phone: 800-873-9133 ext: 236  

Customer Service: Laura Martinez 


PPAI: 22734   ASI: 46767 

              SAGE: 66138         UPIC: DOYOUPOP

FOB: Las Vegas, NV 

Counter Mats in a broad selection of materials, sizes, & shapes. 

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Westmont, NJ 08108, US

Vince: 856 366-7095
Thomas: 856-366-7085
Jeanne: 856-366-7065